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Brad Warner (secret sweetheart)

Kate Gowen 2009-03-05

At the risk of busting Brad Warner’s ‘outrageous Zen wildman’ rep, let me say that when he came around to my area promoting “Sit Down and Shut Up”, his second book, I went to see what he was like. He couldn’t have been more affable, kind, and accomodating to the small but varied audience of punk youngsters and excessively ordinary older folks like myself. It’s true that he doesn’t suffer foolishness gladly– if it’s inflated, commercially hyped, cynical perversions of dharma. But I’d say he’s quite gentle with the common, garden-variety ignoramus. He drew a charming Brontosaurus-like creature in signing my copy of his book.

I particularly recommend “Sit Down…”; it is an incisive, accessible presentation of Do-gen’s Shobogenzo. One of the main points is that practice IS enlightenment: nothing more– or less– extraordinary than that.

In spirit, Brad Warner seems to keep the good company of Chogyam Trungpa, my teachers, and his own fierce Zen lineage.

I like the TMBG quote at the

Tim 2011-06-25

I like the TMBG quote at the end there, and that is whistling in the dark.

Karen Maezen Miller also is

Chris 2011-07-06

If you enjoy the freshness and pragmatic nature of Brad’s writings, you may also enjoy Karen Maezen Miller. She also writes and practices out of a profound respect for daily life and its conundrums; while her life is more stay at home parent and less punk rock, world travelling, in both cases practice allows the flow of non-dual awareness to break down the preconceptions so many of us put on top of life. Whether we throw ourselves against the hypocrisy of it all in punk rock or break apart our ideas of virtue against the shoals of caring for children, facing the shit and responding to whatever situations life gives us with presence and responsibility destroys what we thought and shows us the glory of life just as it unfolds. They both write with language alive with the vibrancy of living life a bit away from the deadening strictures of our cherished ideas; challenging us to sit and to be present for our own life. Really the modern writing most like the platform
Sutra or the more comprehensible bits of Dogen.

Nice articles, thanks.



Ryan 2011-07-10


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