Imperfect Buddha podcast

Stages of maturation, Dzogchen, and the future of Buddhism.

Matthew O’Connell interviewed me recently for the Imperfect Buddha Podcast. Our conversation is now up on Soundcloud, and should appear above. If that’s not working, try this link.

The Imperfect Buddha Podcast, often cohosted with Stuart Baldwin,

aims to tackle the limits of Buddhism in the West and the taboos surrounding it, whilst pushing for its radical transformation into a genuine means for individual and collective liberation.

That would be a good description of what I’m trying to do here at Vividness also, so we had lots to talk about. We ranged over many topics; Matthew titled the episode “Stages of maturation, Dzogchen, and the future of Buddhism,” and those may be the highlights.

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Our little lives get complicated

Not long after I started using Twitter, I somehow decided to follow @sfslim. Someone must have retweeted something clever he said, I suppose. So far as I have been able to determine, after a year of intensive scientific investigation, he is the most interesting person in the social network. I have no connection with him in the Real Life. I once moved in Real Life circles similar to his, but I don’t know any of the people he talks about.

Anyway. Some time back, he tweeted something like:

Rule #17: Never date anyone with a Klout score lower than yours.

Well, that’s a challenge. It sounded like a good snarky joke (and is!). But clearly, not knowing what a “Klout score” was, I was terminally unhip. Better use the Google, Luke.

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