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It’s a book

Vividness was always meant to be a book. I said so in one of the earliest posts, almost a decade ago:

A couple years ago, I noticed that the Mainstream Western Buddhist Consensus had started to crumble at the edges. Younger teachers broke out of the rigid Nice Buddhism model… I predicted this would accelerate and burst into the open in a couple of years.

So I started writing a book about it. (You can take the boy out of academia, but you can’t take academia out of the boy.) [But, history was moving fast, and I didn’t have time to write that and my other books simultaneously.] Instead of a carefully-researched book, I am going to do a blog series: a big brain dump of semi-digested ideas, odd facts, and wild-assed guesses.

This was a mistake, in retrospect. It has not been easy to fix, due to the limitations of and the difficulty of transferring information out of it. Recently I’ve written software to do that, and it is nearly finished.

The new version of Vividness will present a coherent book-shaped hierarchical structure. That should make it easier to understand the major points.

More Vividness, for Evolving Ground

I may write more on Vividness, more often, starting next year.

My spouse Charlie Awbery recently cofounded a community of contemporary Vajrayana practice, Evolving Ground. It’s growing rapidly and Charlie has exciting plans for its future. I haven’t had time to be involved this year; maybe in 2021. Probably I can best contribute by writing more.

I explicitly abandoned Vividness in 2014 because I couldn’t see any way to teach contemporary Vajrayana, nor did anyone else seem capable of it. Charlie is proving I was wrong.