Twixt path and result

Road map

  1. Overview of tantra
    1. Base: spacious passion
    2. Path: unclogging energy
    3. Result: nobility ← You are here
  2. Understanding tantra by contrast with other Buddhisms
  3. Tantra: a history of innovation
  4. The future of Buddhist tantra

Pure Land” was the final post in the section explaining the path, or method, of Buddhist tantra.

Next, I will discuss its goal, or result.

In most Buddhist traditions, “enlightenment” is the goal. I believe that this idea is so vague and dubious that we should drop it.

I’ll suggest a possible alternative goal, “nobility.” Nobility, as a goal, is understandable, believable, desirable, and practical.

Because nobility is understandable, it makes the technical methods of tantra understandable. If “enlightenment” is the goal, many tantric techniques seem like voodoo. They are just bizarre and crazy. If you think of them as ways of developing nobility, they make better sense.

Rare strands of traditional Vajrayana do reject enlightenment as a goal, and aim for nobility, so this isn’t a complete fabrication. Some reinvention is required, however.