Tantra is anti-spiritual

My last two pages pointed out the good news: there are no spiritual problems.

The bad news is that there are no spiritual solutions.

Spirituality tries to sell you the idea that everything will be peachy-keen forever, if only you apply an all-purpose spiritual solution. Somehow, that is supposed to solve all practical problems, as well as the big hairy cosmic one.

Tantra thinks that’s twaddle.

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There are no spiritual problems

Nothing is fundamentally wrong with the world.

That is tantra’s main claim about the nature of reality.

Maybe it sounds like good news: “Cool, man! Everything is great! No problem! Don’t worry, be happy!”

But that is not believable; and it is not the attitude of tantra. There are problems, and everything is not OK. We need to deal with that.

To make sense of this seeming contradiction, I distinguish between practical problems, and problems that could be called “spiritual,” “existential,” “cosmic,” or “fundamental.”

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