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Kate Gowen 2012-08-13

I think maybe the “K is for black” is Greekitude [as distinct from geekitude]– k is for keloid? So as not to suggest that B is for Blue? Idle speculation from the idle speculator.

Sounds like you had a great time there! Thanks for sharing the experiences.

Sabio Lantz 2012-08-24

That was fun !

Hey, maybe the brain is plastic enough that with enough focused concentration exercises (Dzogchen) of certain sorts you can stimulate the same receptors as Digoxin (foxglove) and thus, like Van Gogh, see thiglés.

Thanx for the Gaussian blob link – fascinating as always.

Oh that’s just so funny. Really love this. Thanks for posting. I think the K in CMYK means Key colour, which is normally black. The blobs on first inspection look very RGB, too bright and perky for CMYK (which hammers the life out of pink and orange).

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