The electricity of liberated perception

Vividness invites you to a vaster, brighter, freer way of seeing, feeling, and acting.

This new world opens as we relax the compulsion to fit objects, experiences, people, and ourselves into fixed categories.

Vajrayana is one way of accessing this vaster world. Vajrayana is a form of Buddhism whose unusual characteristics make it particularly appropriate for Western culture, society, and psychology. Unfortunately, its presentation has mostly not been updated for current conditions—unlike some other branches of Buddhism. Due to a series of historical accidents, this has left it mainly unavailable, despite its great potential.

Vividness is meant as a resource for anyone who is considering involvement with that path. It seeks to explain Vajrayana’s central principles in clear, simple, contemporary terms.

Vividness collects essays I wrote on several different web sites, mostly in 2008–2012. It contains four projects, written in somewhat different styles and from different points of view. Each is incomplete, and they all address the state of Buddhism at the time I was writing. However, I have little quarrel with the content, and many readers apparently still find it useful.

I’m frequently touched by hearing from readers that Vividness has, after all, opened a new world. That it sparked a sense of curiosity, wonder, and creative play, which grew into a deeper engagement in the vastness and sacredness of reality.

If you are encountering Vividness for the first time—I hope it may do that for you, too.

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