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It’s so simple!

Jesse 2023-07-22

Drop the involvement with judgment and subjective interpretation. So obvious and yet we find ourselves trapped in those constructs again and again. Crazy. Good stuff. Timely too.

Who's the target audience?

Xpym 2023-08-09

Is this aimed at people who are already giving benefit of the doubt to vaguely-Buddhist metaphysics, so to speak? When I attempt a translation into my own, some of it does feel already familiar, but even so, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of response to the self-posed “theoretical, abstract, implausible, or incomprehensible” charge.

There’s the notorious “Dodo bird verdict” that all forms of psychotherapies are equally effective, strongly implying their specific content doesn’t matter. Is there good outsider-accessible evidence that Buddhism-informed approaches fare any better in practice?

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