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Mouchoir de Monsieur 2012-07-07

Rock on dude! You are sizzling!

I have a strong hunch that those buddhakarmas as well as 4 philosophical extremes are aspects of four elements. Like realms, they also correspond tho levels of intensity in energy.

Cool stuff. Made my day!

Sengchen Dra-tsal 2012-07-07

Hi David,

I don’t look at transformation (the method of Tantra) from the perspective of Sutra (“poison into medicine”). That’s just - Sutras got a brand new bag (magic bag that is). Looking at trans-form-action from the perspective of Dzogchen, all transformation reveals is that form is energy (Einstein realized that too) and that energy is “emptiness” (empty of those things that it’s form appearance denote - being single, separate, permanent, continuous and defined). If that is appreciated, as the experience of the ground of Tantra, emptiness, makes possible, then form can be made to vanish (actualize its emptiness nature) and arise as any imaginable form through this equation with energy and emptiness. The apparent world of form being what it appears to be, this doesn’t imply that a tantrika should be able to change into an Ow -literallyl, but it could mean that what a Tantrika actually is encompasses the energy can arise as anything, including in the dimension of te experience of being an Owl. The magic here is not biased as Sutra would demand to go from wrathful to peaceful, from bad form to good form. It would just be noticing that the capacity for form to be trans-formed is a magic trick we didn’t realize we all possess.

B.M.Sharma 2012-07-07

wonderful, The greatest spiritual wonder on Earth is raman maharshi who got highest stage of
spiritual attainment “Sahaj samadhi” by looking a corpse only.
Paul Brunton who never practiced any meditation and who was nurvous on meeting then every famous saint got divine samadhi by darshan of Raman maharshi. Still strong Divine waves are conyinuously emanating from Maharhi’s photo ,I am ready to prove it on myself.

Sherab Dorje 2013-08-10

“Alternatively, you can understand karma as habitual emotional patterns. For example, if your anger leads to violence, that generally makes other people violent in response, and your situation worsens. Here karma is not external, but a causal interaction between your psychology and the world.”

Isn’t anger (or any other emotion or sensation) already the result of the way we apprehend or interpret the world (internal or external)? So, aren’t emotions, and everything else always cause and effect at the same time?
Should we interfere in the process? And when?

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