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thought soup

Dee De Brun 2021-06-09

I agree with you, but there is a caveat. There still are some cultures, I believe particularly in Europe, where kernels of deeper truth are kept alive also within the generalised thought soup. These kernels are kept alive in the bodies and minds of older people and often resonate in young children. I have seen this in an elderly dying relative, in the successful businessman who refuses to tamper with ancient fairy forts in an ordinary field, in old Celtic language literature, in momentary glitches of interpersonal communication in Southern Europe, the lacunae where modern-day logic or as you say “thought soup” (I love this term, can I borrow it?) just doesn’t hold sway, something else sneaks through. I believe the issue is that so much of the world is consuming American culture, which is forthright, logical and practical, basically cognition-based. So yes on the surface we are modern and display this by joining in this level of conversation. But there are many many people who hold precious the secret spaces within their psyche where the banalised though soup has dissolved into clear water.

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