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You said, "That is the

Sabio 2010-11-26

You said,

"That is the subject of this site: how to go about selecting, gradually entering, and perhaps eventually committing to a specific Buddhist tradition."

I look forward to more of that, but so far, from the table of contents, I only see signs that you are teach readers how to select Aro, not other “specific Buddhist traditions.”

I guess that would be a lot of work to help someone find their “fit” in the myriad of traditions that are possible. But it would be cool if this site actually added the Theravada, Zen, Shin, and even Yoga systems that others may find more “fit” than Aro. And then hints of the benefits of these traditions.

Not much help, so far

David Chapman 2010-11-26

Yes, I’m afraid there’s not much help on “how to go about” yet. I wrote about that in my most recent page. It’s embarrassing. I meant to write this very early on, and two years later it’s not up yet. It turned out to be harder than I thought… but it is coming…

I don’t intend to do an overview or comparison of specific Buddhist traditions, with their features and benefits. I think it would be difficult to do them all justice, or to avoid mischaracterizing them unintentionally. And anyway there are several books and sites that do that.

Rather, I hope to provide suggestions about the process of selection—not in terms of what specific things to look for, but abstractly what kinds of questions to ask and how to know whether you are making progress.

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